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Grow networks in a hybrid

Casual and easy, 7 minutes, virtual coffee breaks with random colleagues and friends keep you connected in a hybrid workplace, whether you'd be at home, in the office, or anywhere else. Whenever, wherever. Download the app and start today!

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Easygoing Coffee Breaks
whenever, wherever!


Instant & Fun

In for an informal and casual coffee break? CoffeeCall will instantly connect you with someone else who is also in for a well-deserved 7 minutes break. 

No Hassle

No preparation, no expectations, no goals, and no agenda. CoffeeCall is easy. Just come as you are, anytime you like it, and grow your relationships casually. 


Take advantage of the easy and fun conversations you will have with friends you might not have conversed with for a long time or colleagues you haven’t gotten to know yet.

Our users love us

It’s so much fun to do a random CoffeeCall. First there’s excitement of who will pick up, then there’s the surprise. 

Ava Smith


CoffeeCall Personal

The icebreakers or conversation starters are really fun to use. They give surprising insights and you can use them if  you want.

Ben Winston

CoffeeCall Personal


The informal breaks are the glue of a company. With CoffeeCall we have them despite remote work.

Tania Thiebach

CoffeeCall Business

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Investing in casual relationships pays off

Connected employees scale your company like crazy!

21% higher profitability

Harvard Business Review 2019

56% higher productivity

Harvard Business Review 2019

50% less turnover risk

Gallup 2019


CoffeeCall with top security


State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption keeps your calls private. Our servers can't access the calls, and no one else can either. Calls are streamed and never stored somewhere. All of this effectively prevents the collection and misuse of your personal information, including metadata.

CoffeeCall is fully compliant with the European privacy legislation (GDPR). Privacy isn’t an optional mode — it’s just the way that CoffeeCall works. Every call, every time.

Easy Answers

What can I see about who's initiating the random CoffeeCall?

To keep it exciting, not that much, and that’s the beauty of CoffeeCall. You might catch-up with people you haven’t talked with (for a while) and increase your personal and professional network significantly. The only hint you’ll get is from which group (family, friends, footballmates, colleagues) this CoffeeCall is coming.

I'm having so much fun, why is there a time limit of 7 minutes?

Experience has shown that 7 minutes is about the right time for a break. Not too long, not too short. With CoffeeCall, we take the uncomfortable feeling away of not being able to close the conversation. We'll let you know when the call is almost done and simply disconnect you both after 7 minutes. Just like back in the days when you ran out of money in a phone booth.

What if I'm not the first one that answers the CoffeeCall?

Then you’re too late for this call, but no worries, since you didn’t know who called it doesn’t matter and you can instantly initiate your own CoffeeCall. Be brave!

How can I follow-up on the awesome CoffeeCall I just had?

After each CoffeeCall you get the possibility to share your firstname, lastname and e-mail, together with the timing of the CoffeeCall with the other person. This way you can easily catch-up afterwards (if you want).

I'm more an introvert person and might not dare to pick-up a call?

CoffeeCall is developed with you in mind, we have easy and fun conversation starters or icebreakers that you can use at any given point of time. Be amazed by the things others learn about you and experience how you’ll benefit from it later on. The 10 minutes are over before you realize it.

Is everyone in the selected group called when I initiate one?

Nope, we make sure that not everybody is constantly called. We’ll mix known and random patterns, to make sure that every CoffeeCall is a positive and surprising experience for you and everybody else.

Why do I recieve a push notification instead of a real call when someone starts a CoffeeCall.

We want to notify everyone without being to intrusive. We think a push notification (with a nice coffee sound) is a gentle way of saying "Someone you know is going for a break, do you want to join?" Users should not feel obliged to answer every CoffeeCall.



For personal use with friends and family.


Scan the QR code
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Also for your sports club, alumni, knitting buddies, etc.


Unlimited CoffeeCalls


End-to-end Encryption


Unlimited Personal Groups


Business Beta

Get your organization on the Business Beta list and we'll hurry to get CoffeeCall ready for you and your colleagues. 

Get your mug on the tray!

All the goodness of personal and way more to keep your colleagues casually connected in a hybrid working environment...


Unlimited private Business groups 🤩


Custom icebreakers and conversation starters 💡


See who's available and set availability for a 7 minutes break 🙋‍♀️


Scheduled breaks per business group (eg. Coffee-O-Clock or Friday Beers 🍻)


Hybrid Mode: connect your office coffee machines with coffee machines at home 🔗


Share instant and fun photo's with your colleagues in the CoffeeCall photobooth  📸


Talk in the press


"Swiss app brings back spontaneous chat at the coffee machine"


"Instead of exhausting group calls, the focus is on one-on-one personal interaction away from professional discussions"


"What's really missing in the home office - St.Gallen startup invents an app for meeting for coffee"


Grows relationships casually in companies like...