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Take care of
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Short breaks and 7 Minutes of chitchat with co-workers, it seems so straightforward and easy. But actually there's way more to win through these short informal catch-ups than meets the eye. Let us explain how CoffeeCalls really boost mental wellbeing at work. Especially when you're in a remote or hybrid working environment.

The Benefits of Short Breaks
A True Power Booster


Stay Focused

It isn’t easy to keep maximum focus for long periods of time. But it is easy to win back the concentration: having short, easy, fun breaks. With this you «reset» your brain. And with 7 minutes the break is short enough to not lose track when resuming the task.


Boosts your Creativity

Whenever you take a short break to direct your focus away from the task, or look away, you are taking time out for yourself. Your brain is refreshed in such a way that by the time you get back from the short break, you may be seeing things with a fresh perspective and your brain will be able to approach the work with that creative mindset.


Achieve your goals

Taking breaks can actually help you reach your goals sooner. Though this might seem contradictory, in reality, breaks will help you to recalibrate and access any tasks that aren’t working. Sometimes, we get so consumed in our work that we forget to stop and see if the methods we’re using are actually working. In such circumstances, you need to take a break to step back and see things from a new perspective.


The benefits of networking
Happy Networking

Casual Knowledge Sharing

Networking is a fantastic way to share knowledge with other professionals and learn from them. You can share your own insights to position yourself as an expert and gain feedback and discuss the ideas of others. Speaking with like-minded professionals lets you see things from another perspective and may give you fresh ideas to improve how you run your business.


Networking Boosts Confidence

By increasing your confidence in yourself, your business can experience a positive change. Networking and forcing yourself to meet and communicate with new people will enable you to grow in confidence and help you take on new opportunities.


Grow your connections

It is often stated that "it's not what you know, it's who you know" and getting to know more people is one positive outcome of networking. Growing your connections within your organization gives you a chance to make a positive impression and gain referrals for future work. You'll also be able to connect with professionals you feel you can trust and refer your clients to them when the need for further services arises.


Raise your profile

Being visible and speaking to different co-workers will help you stand out. You can build up a reputation for being knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced by regularly participating in discussions and offering your own observations. Today’s digital age mean that you don’t have to attend physical events to network and reap the benefits. CoffeeCall means that you can build up your reputation and connections while you’re on the go regardless of your schedule.

The Benefits of Sense of belonging
Positive Vibes Only

Increase hapiness levels


CoffeeCall fosters the feeling of being part of a group where you have shared values and interests can help you feel less depressed and increase happiness levels. And happiness is catching. When co-workers feel they have social support, they have faster recovery from negative thoughts or illness and are better supported in healthy lifestyle habits.

Lower your stress levels

The social ties that accompany a sense of belonging are a protective factor helping manage stress. When we feel we have support and are not alone, we often cope more effectively with difficult times in our lives. Coping well with hardships decreases the physical and mental impact of these situations

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