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Moving to a hybrid way of working?
Stay coherent, improve informal networks, casual relationships and break down functional silos through fun and easy, random virtual CoffeeCalls among your employees. 

Investing in casual relationships pays off

Connected employees scale your company!

21% higher profitability

Harvard Business Review 2019

56% higher productivity

Harvard Business Review 2019

50% less turnover risk

Gallup 2019

Bring the casual coffee talks anywhere, anytime!

Instant & Fun


Are you in for a fun and informal coffee break? CoffeeCall will instantly connect you with other colleagues with the same mindset; other people who are also in need of a well-deserved break.

Break down functional silo's


Breaking down walls between colleagues in your company...mission impossible? With CoffeeCall, uniting employees at scale has never been easier and more entertaining.

Fastest onboarding you've ever experienced


Imagine the challenge of onboarding new joiners in a hybrid working world. CoffeeCall connects new joiners with colleagues at the speed of light, enabling them to get up and running quickly.

Easily check-in with your colleagues


Want to know how your colleagues are doing, where you could help, or what the status is of a certain project? No need to schedule a 'formal' and heavy meeting. No, simply start a CoffeeCall. Easy and light.  

Companies love us!

The informal breaks are the glue of a company. With CoffeeCall we have them despite remote work.

Tania Thiebach

CoffeeCall Business

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The conversation starters or icebreakers are lively to use; they supply intriguing insights, and you can utilize them if you want.

John Scott

CoffeeCall Business

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Incredibly, CoffeeCall is saving me so much time in setting up new joiners. The fun and informative calls are really helping them land fast.

Anna Buckland

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CoffeeCall Business




For personal use with friends and family.

€0.- / mo

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Also for your sports club, alumni, knitting buddies, etc.


Unlimited CoffeeCalls


End-to-end Encryption


Unlimited Groups

Business Free

For businesses that want to try out CoffeeCall

€0.- / mo

Per employee

All the goodness of personal and more...


1 Business Group (claim your domain)


10.000 free Business CoffeeCalls.


Easy, no obligations and no payment required.

Business Standard

For businesses with larger volumes

€2.75 / mo

Per employee

All the greatness of business free and more...


Unlimited Business Groups


Unlimited Business CoffeeCalls


Scheduled company-wide Coffee Break


CoffeeCall with top security


State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption keeps your calls secure. We can't listen to your calls, and no one else can either. Calls are streamed and never stored somewhere. All this effectively prevents the collection and misuse of your personal information, including metadata.


Easy Answers

Doesn't CoffeeCall drain productivity?

The opposite is true. A coffee break offers everyone a much-needed step away from the pressure and allows some time to relax. This makes the workload more manageable and everyone will return to their work feeling refreshed. Coffee Breaks are known to improve performance and memory, making the brain work more efficiently.

What's the benefit of a private CoffeeCall Business group?

With a CoffeeCall Business license you can claim your unique company domains. So everyone that signs-up with these domains are automatically part of your end-to-end secured, private business group. These groups have, in contrary to personal groups, no user limit. You're literally creating one big virtual coffee machine where your whole workforce can meet each other.

How does CoffeeCall benefit my employees?

Research shows that our professional networks have shrunk by 16% during the pandemic, which hinders career progress and creativity. People get a decreased sense of belonging which increases risk of turnover. CoffeeCall offers a simple, but effective solution to keep everyone in touch.

How can I start with my company?

It's very simple, just click on the sign-up button above, fill-out the form and you'll be connecting your colleagues within minutes. You'll get 10.000 calls for free without any obligations and no strings attached. Get your colleagues closer and more connected in minutes.

I am not working for HR, can I still start with CoffeeCall Business?

Yes, we believe it's in everyone's benefit and interest to stay close to their colleagues and to the business culture. Be the Robin Hood of your organization and sign-up today. You can always make others admin later on.

How can I get support?

Feel free to reach out to us in case of any questions. You can use the chat button at the bottom right or drop a line to support@coffeecall.com. We're happy to talk to you.


Talks in the press


"Swiss app brings back spontaneous chat at the coffee machine"


"Instead of exhausting group calls, the focus is on one-on-one personal interaction away from professional discussions"


"What's really missing in the home office - St.Gallen startup invents an app for meeting for coffee"


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