Good old Coffee Breaks


We bring back the good old Coffee Breaks with colleagues while working from home!

Working partly from home and partly in the office? Are coffee breaks when working from home so lonely that it is better to let it be? Change this now! Fun and easy virtual coffee chats break social distancing and create distant socializing.


Less Meetings, more Coffee!


Have a CoffeeCall

We are all pioneers. We are all leaders. And we are all early adopters. Download the app, register yourself with your work email, and invite co-workers within minutes. It’s as easy (and free) as that.


Spread it in your organization

The more the better. Invite your colleagues or even better the whole organization and start having fun, informal 7 minutes coffee breaks.

Our Users Love Us!


When working from home, it becomes difficult to remember to take breaks. With CoffeeCall I can take a break and have a much-needed informal chat. Great!


The more people joined our virtual coffee machines, the more colleagues I got to know who work for my very own organization. Opening up many internal opportunities and chances.


At first, I was like, "another App"? Now I use Zoom for Business Meetings and CoffeeCall to catch up with my co-workers and learn how they are doing.


CoffeeCall with top security

State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption keeps your employees' calls secure. We can't listen to calls, and no one else can either. Calls are streamed and never stored somewhere. All this effectively prevents the collection and misuse of personal information, including metadata.

CoffeeCall is fully compliant with the European privacy legislation (GDPR). Privacy isn’t an option — it’s just the way that CoffeeCall works.

Download CoffeeCall for Free!

Bring back the good old Coffee Breaks with colleagues while working from home!

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 You work in a bigger organization and want to be accompanied by implementing CoffeeCall, then our Business Pilot could be interesting for you. 

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