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7 easy steps to


with your colleagues

Fun and easy virtual coffee breaks with random colleagues is easy and fun! Discover the 7 easy steps below. 

1 download.png


Scan the QR-code to download the app:

2 sign up.png

Sign up

Sign up with your business e-mail address.

3 start a coffeecall.png

Start a CoffeeCall

Set your availability any time you feel like a 7 minutes , 1 to 1, informal and fun break.

4 notifications.png


Push notifications are sent out to random colleagues.

5 every call is a surprise.png

Catch-up with known and new colleagues

See who's available at the 'virtual coffee machine' and have an easy 7 minutes break with known or new colleagues. 

6 who will pick up first.png

Who will pick up first?

The first one that connects will be in a 1 to 1 video call with you.

7 incoming call.png

Incoming Call!

The next colleagues can also start a fresh CoffeeCall themselves. Do you connect?

Happy Calling!

Team CoffeeCall

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