7 Minutes of Pure Joy

Stay close to people you care about in a smart, fun, and easy way. Just hit the button, and you are instantly connected for 7 minutes. Whenever you feel like it, and anywhere you want to.

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Informal and fun chats as if Corona didn't exist

Stay close with your friends and family

Want to sit down and talk casually? CoffeeCall has you instantly connected with one of your friends or family members who's also available for a quick, informal, and fun coffee break. Anywhere and anytime.


7 minutes of fun

Our virtual coffee breaks are timed to last exactly 7 minutes, so you have complete knowledge upfront of what to expect, and you can easily decide if you have 7 free minutes for a short, invigorating break.


Known or unknown people

Start a Coffee Call with friends, in case you're up for some small talk. Feeling daring? Start a Coffee Call in a group, where you may not know everyone, and broaden your network.

Awesome features

Save your Coffee Friends

Did you enjoy the call you just had? Save the other person to your personal list of Coffee Friends, so you can easily have another call. 

CoffeeCalls with top security

State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption keeps your calls secure. We can't listen to calls, and no one else can either. Calls are streamed and never stored somewhere. All this effectively prevents the collection and misuse of personal information, including metadata.


Our users love us

I had so many good catch-ups through CoffeeCall. Also friends I hadn't spoken with for a while. Great reunification.

Ava Smith

CoffeeCall Personal


I really like doing CoffeeCalls, because it takes only 7 minutes, which is enough to get your mind off and come back refreshed and energized. 

John Scott

CoffeeCall Personal

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CoffeeCall is really a great way to stay connected with your beloved ones. Because of its simplicity, it really helps me to stay close to them. 

Ann Johnson

CoffeeCall Personal




For personal use with friends and family.

€0.- / mo

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Also for your sports club, alumni, knitting buddies, etc.


Unlimited CoffeeCalls


End-to-end Encryption


Unlimited Groups

Business Free

For businesses that want to try out CoffeeCall

€0.- / mo

Per employee

All the goodness of personal and more...


1 Business Group (claim your domain)


10.000 free Business CoffeeCalls.


Easy, no obligations and no payment required.

Business Standard

For businesses with larger volumes

€2.75 / mo

Per employee

All the greatness of business free and more...


Unlimited Teams within your Business Group


Unlimited Business CoffeeCalls


Daily Company-wide Coffee Break


Easy Answers

What can I see about who's initiating the random CoffeeCall?

To keep it exciting, not that much, and that’s the beauty of CoffeeCall. You might catch-up with people you haven’t talked with (for a while) and increase your personal and professional network significantly. The only hint you’ll get is from which group (family, friends, footballmates, colleagues) this CoffeeCall is coming.

I'm having so much fun, why is there a time limit of 7 minutes?

Experience has shown that 7 minutes is about the right time for a break. Not too long, not too short. With CoffeeCall, we take the uncomfortable feeling away of not being able to close the conversation. We give a gentle hint when there’s one minute in the call and simply disconnect you both after 7 minutes. Just like back in the days when you ran out of money in a phone booth.

What if I'm not the first one that answers the CoffeeCall?

Then you’re too late for this call, but no worries, since you didn’t know who called it doesn’t matter and you can instantly initiate your own CoffeeCall.

How can I repeat a great call?

Add this person to your Coffee Friends and create your own personal list of people with whom you like to have a coffee break every now and then. We'll let you know if one of your Coffee Friends is going for a break, so you can easily join him/her.

I'm more an introvert person and might not dare to pick-up a call?

CoffeeCall is developed with you in mind. Our goal is to give everyone a positive and good experience. We have easy and fun conversation starters or icebreakers that you can use at any given time. Be amazed by the things others learn about you and experience how you’ll benefit from it later on. The 7 minutes will be a blast.

Is everyone in the selected group called when I initiate one?

Nope, we make sure that not everybody is constantly called. We’ll mix known and random patterns, to make sure that every CoffeeCall is a positive and fun experience for you and everybody else.

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